Electronic Security Systems

Electronic Security Systems

Electronic Security

911 Electricians is one of the leading providers of electronic security installation and repair services in Gauteng. We provide a one-stop shop for all your requirements, with an unrivalled record of service and quality.

Our services include:

Surveillance cameras/CCTV
Security Alarms
Electric Gates
Electric Fencing

Computer Network Set-up and Repairs

We have specialists in computer networking, who will set-you up so you can begin to experience the fun of networking. Networking allows you to share files, printers and internet connections. We’ll set up your network from start, installing the cabling, network cards and all the software and hardware devices you’ll need to connect your computers together. We can also set up wireless so that anyone nearby can be connected to your network. So whether your network is down or whether you need a new set-up, please give us a call. We can set up a network in one location (local area network) or a network across various locations, branches or offices (wide area network).

Repairs computers, remove viruses, update your software.

Does your PC or Mac need help in any of these areas?

Sluggish system response. Windows constantly crashing (blue screen) or corrupt file error pop-ups? Infected by Viruses, spyware, or other malware. Home page has changed, can’t access Email. Need to share files or printers among several computers. Data Backups or Data Recovery Internet connectivity issues, either wired ethernet or wifi. Tune Up and Optimization.

Or you might need:

Laptop/ Desktop troubleshooting, Recommendation for a new computer, Installations & Upgrades, Purchasing components, Teaching and training, Marketing & Advertising (PCs and Macs)

Technical Experience:

Worked with computers for over 10 years, A Degree in Computer Engineering Worked 10 years as an IT administrator supporting over 50 workstations. Helped both small businesses and individual residential customers References from a wide variety of profession, including Lawyers, CPA, Contractors, Realtors, Doctors, and more (feel free to ask.)

What we are able to provide:

Fast & reliable service just about any time, day or night, 7 days a week.
We provide ON-SITE service: This means I travel to YOU. Evening hours are available to accommodate our clients.
We won’t just fix the problem; We will explain in simple terms what you need to know, the do’s & do not’s to maintain a healthy computer or network system. Should you have a question later, personal attention is just a phone call away.

We know computers can be a problem and can drive you crazy, We also know that you’ve downloaded and purchased virus/spyware removal, only to find out it really didn’t fix the problem, so save yourself the time and headache.

We charge a flat rate. Please call 073 728 7966 or 073 8110428.